Printing on uncommon surfaces

I spent three days last week in a workshop about printing on various surfaces using our own digital images.    Kathyanne White has distinguished herself in this arena — she’s absolutely fearless about what she’s willing to try as long as the sharp or particularly uneven edges are controlled.  Fortunately, she hovered closely as we queued up by her magnificent Epson as none of us wanted to fry that machine!

I primarily stayed with the same image so that I could see how it responded to different surfaces.  I was pleased with all — take a look:


The top left is on crumpled tissue paper, the one to the right is on an aluminum can and the lower image is printed on wire mesh.  Part of the workshop was learning to prepare “skins” in order to run these items through the printer — they had to be coated in layers with products from InkAID.

Two more — on the left is cheesecloth and the right is on lutradur.






I absolutely love learning about new techniques and Kathyanne’s prowess completely amazes me.  She might use a discarded printer plate, print on it, cut it into squares, punch a hole and fold in half  – then she might crochet the pieces together with wire.  There’s no limit.

So, I’ll decide how I’m going to use this new-found knowledge in my work.  In the meantime, I came back so refreshed that I’m embarking on another piece for my Art Cloth Mastery class exhibit.  Here’s the start: 

It’s a bamboo-cotton cloth which was dye painted and then over-dyed.  A collage artist friend, Mary, asked to have a photocopy of some of my work so that she can use it in her compositions — what an honor.  As I spread it out for the copy, I decided that this one is in my sights for the next work,  right away. I love it when the spirit strikes!!

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