From pavement to canvas and a memoir in six words

I know you thought I was procrastinating with all the photos of pavement cracks and rocks.  Well, maybe I was a little bit (!) but here’s a recent 12″x12″ – Composed – which uses some of those craggy lines.

With pen in hand, these lines on another newer piece - Wanted -  are created with india ink and calligraphy nibs.  The splots are just flung for emphasis and I think that’s my real specialty!



I got on a roll with the 12″x12″ pieces.  Fissure  is most definitely inspired by the limestone outcrops prevalent in my environs.   I’ve painted on canvas, collaged with textiles and papers, added more paints and then for the piece d’resistance, the ink.

I love to practice mark making — trying to spend a few minutes at least daily– while utilizing tools of all sizes and shapes.  Twigs are a personal favorite.  I’m enjoying the look of different intensities of the india ink.  I’ll blog about this at another time.

On another subject, I follow Donna Watson’s blog – Layers.  She has beautiful images — in the true wabi sabi tradition and is always informative and challenging.  So her most recent post, refers to Six Word Memoirs at Smith Magazine.  The challenge is to write your own memoir in six words — sounds simple, huh?  Well, not so much.  I went through countless iterations — remember SIX words.   I finally settled on this — at least for now!

Buoyed by optimism,

she’s always evolving.

So, I’ll extend the challenge to you.  What’s your memoir?


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